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Tuesday, April 04th , 2023

LOCAL auto dealer Inchcape Barbados recently teamed up with JCB and Infra Construction Inc., to introduce the world’s first Pothole Pro to Barbados and the Caribbean.  The demo took place near the Black Bess, St. Peter offices of Infra Construction Inc.

The innovative piece of equipment is a unique three-in-one solution specifically designed to permanently repair small to large potholes in minutes and is guaranteed to save time and money.

JCB Caribbean’s General Manager, Erick Montero, explained that the award-winning Pothole Pro, launched last year in Europe, is not only efficient but is an economical investment as well.  “This one machine can cut, crop and clean potholes to prepare them for asphalt 10 times faster than traditional methods. Additionally, there is no need for extra equipment which provides significant savings. I must stress that it is not a quick fix. This is a permanent repair.”

Inchcape Barbados’ Head of Industrial and Machinery Sales, David Pitt, referred to the new addition to the company’s offering as a fantastic innovation.  “As drivers, we are all aware of the situation with potholes on the island and the damage they can inflict on our vehicles. This piece of equipment is an efficient solution and we are pleased to be able to work with JCB to offer such a product to Barbados.

“We demonstrated Pothole Pro to a number of our partners in the industry, including representatives from Ministry of Transport and Works, the Barbados Water Authority and the National Petroleum Corporation, to name a few, showcasing the many features and capabilities of the machine and the ways it can be efficiently used in day-to-day operations. The response was fantastic and everyone was impressed with the machine’s ability to significantly increase productivity, improve operations and provide savings.”

During the demonstration, JCB’s General Manager – PotholePro, Ben Rawding, explained that the machine was the result of extensive research into current pothole and patch repair methods and as a result, the PotholePro was born.  He said, “We have had great success with this innovation in Europe and it is now recognized as the number one solution for highway repairs in the region. This exclusive introduction in Barbados is the first time we are demonstrating outside of our region, which is major for the Caribbean.

“It will bring a new dimension to the industry as it is versatile and comes with a host of features ranging from the fact that it can repair from small one-meter square potholes up to large 250 sq. meters. Furthermore, this unique repair method focusses on permanent repairs by fully preparing the road defect without any manual work, ready for the easy bit – just adding asphalt.

“Similar to when you have a tooth filling, the dentist has to carefully remove all the decay so your tooth can be filled properly by binding onto a solid structure. It’s just the same with a pothole - it needs to be prepared properly before it is filled so the pothole doesn’t open up again within weeks.

“It is fully road legal and can operate up to 40km per hour without any additional transport. It is incredibly maneuverable with three steering settings. The planner can cut up to 170 mm on a variety of different surfaces and the list goes on.”

Rawding added that as safety is of paramount importance to JCB, the Pothole Pro comes with a number of safety features including the hydraulic cropping blade which eliminates the use of jackhammers, “From the cab you can easily adjust the sideshifting 600mm planer with hydraulic depth and tilt control to improve safety and maximize performance.

“Additionally, the machine is designed to work safely in congested areas and can operate in single lanes without causing danger to both pedestrians and vehicles, while the high seating position in the cab enables the operator unhampered 360o visibility to all four wheels, among other features.”

Inchcape Barbados, formerly Simpson Motors, is part of Inchcape, the world’s leading independent multi-brand global automotive distributor, operating in 40 markets and territories with a portfolio of the world’s leading automotive brands.